Quit The Job You Hate

Monday 4 August, 2014


There’s a fine line between not enjoying your work every day and absolutely, without a doubt, hating your job. It might be the work itself, or the people you work with, or the ridiculous commute that you make everyday. Whatever it is that is making you dread the beginning of each day – it’s not worth it.


Don’t whine about it all over Facebook, stop bitching to your friends about your boss every time you get the chance (they’re sick of hearing about it) & quit thinking that there’s nothing you can do about it.


If something makes you unhappy then it it’s time for change, right? Be proactive and start looking for something new! If you’re having trouble finding your next career move, part time work is a great option to transition into a new job or even a new lifestyle. It gives you the flexibility you need to keep your job search going as well as continues the cash flow. Or perhaps a part time job is exactly the change you were looking for – something to allow you to take a break and enjoy more time to yourself.


You’re working more than two thousand hours in a year; do you really want to spend those hours in a job that you don’t enjoy? Sure, there are bad days for everyone. That’s no reason to up and leave. But if you detest your work, it’s time to go.


Life is short; find a job that makes you happy to get up in the morning (or evening, if you’re a bartender).

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