Overcome the Post-Holiday Blues

Friday 3 January, 2014
Few things feel as disheartening as the thought of going back to work after an amazing time away, even if that time was only spent lounging around the house and relaxing. Although these feelings usually go away within the first week back at work, it's important not it get you down too much as it can affect your performance in the long run. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to speed up your recovery from the post-awesome-times-depression. Here are some steps to help improve your mood and maintain a positive outlook when you go back to work:

Enrol in a course this year

Committing to learning about a topic you're interested in, whether it's related to work or not, will give you something to look forward to when once you're back from a holiday. Even if it's just a short course, focusing on a new project, especially one of self development Image Photo Credit: conwalassociates.edu.au

Look after yourself

Holidays usually involve a lot of socializing and partying (read: drinking and eating too much), which can leave you feeling less than great about yourself. Be sure to get back into a healthy routine as soon as possible to avoid prolonging the unhealthy phase. Incorporate some physical activity into your routine as soon as you get back. Image Photo Credit: healthmattersmostinlife.blogspot.com

Liven up your workspace

If you create a harmonious environment at work, you'll find it easier to adjust to the office. Flowers are always a nice touch, though OH&S issues might arise with vases so stick to pot plants. Keep some photos on your desk to remind you of your holiday, family or friends. Image Photo Credit: betterbusiness.torkusa.com

Don't make any life-altering decisions

Because this is such a stressful time, it's common for us to start feeling displeased not only with our circumstance but also with the people and places we go and things we do. However, this is not the time to submit a resignation or dump your girlfriend because you're feeling down. Remember that the feeling will pass so don't do anything you might later regret. Image Photo Credit: neowin.net -The OneShift Blog
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