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Thursday 18 June, 2015



OneShift has joined forces with Monash Entrepreneurs Club to develop an online platform which connects businesses and students via internships. The revolutionary internship platform allows businesses to fill business needs for new staff and new ideas through hiring new graduates. 

Hiring interns is particularly beneficial for start-ups and companies on a budget. But aside from cutting on costs, interns have untouched potential and offer a new perspective on organisational issues. These Generation Y-ers are notoriously tech-savvy having grown up in the ‘technology at our fingertips’ era, so can readily adapt to new technology. Interns can also be an opportunity for free brand endorsement, following a great experience, or if they felt particularly inspired by a supervisor or mentor. 

And the benefits for students embarking on an internship are priceless! An internship provides an opportunity to learn a multitude of skills, be mentored, get primary work experience in the industry and working environment, and for some it could lead to a more permanent position. 

 Dr Peter O Neill, Senior Lecturer at Monash Business School, said:

“There has always been a convoluted way for graduating university students in Australia to get a foothold into employment. The Oneshift platform enables a student to simply enter their education and problem based skill details, and identify the type of career pathway they are looking to embark on.

The Oneshift service offers a fantastic range of opportunities for businesses to solve anything from short-term operational problems to longer-term market issues, and using the latest new approaches from young professional interns.

For graduating students, the service offers a large array of intern opportunities to build the necessary experience for a permanent role.”

Jeremy Lim, President of Monash Entrepreneurs Club, said:

“I think it's becoming much harder for university students to land their ideal job. I've heard many stories where University graduates have failed to find graduate positions despite having great degrees and solid grades. Getting good grades is just not enough now. 

Internships are critical to your professional and personal development. Interns learn to deal with clients, work with seniors, solve problems and develop important soft skills. They also allows interns to discover if they truly have a passion for what they want to do.

From a business perspective, setting up an internship program provides numerous benefits. Interns are inexpensive, motivated, eager to learn and they come with fresh ideas that could increase performance or productivity in the business. Having the right team is so important; an internship program is great to see if the intern is a value fit for the company.” 

Pooja Yashod, Studying Master of Business at Monash Business School, said:

"Due to various reasons including cultural constraints, many students do not possess work experience and thus find difficult to apply for jobs. I believe there is huge gap which needs to be addressed and believe the present model would provide students placements while or after studies."

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