One reason why women need more sleep then men

Tuesday 12 November, 2013
The general consensus is that everyone, both men and women, need eight hours of decent shut-eye every night. Sleep allows our brains to recover and repair. Deep sleep disengages our brain's cortex from the senses and permits it to go into recovery mode. When we wake up, we are able to think, remember and speak to the best of our abilities. However research from the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University, England, has discovered that women need more sleep then men. Image Source: Image Source: How much more and why? Twenty minutes more is the answer and the reason is because women are multi-taskers.
Because women are multi-taskers, they use more of their brain, in more flexible ways throughout the day. Therefore, they have a greater need to let their brains rest and recover and they need more sleep. Whilst it's true that a man who has a complex job involving a lot of lateral thinking and decision making will require more sleep than the average male, women will likely still need more. So to get the most out of your day and to work to the best of your capability, make sure you get plenty of rest or have a little kip when you get home. Tell OneShift your thoughts, is eight hours of sleep a feasible number? Do you function well on six hours or less of sleep?   
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