Odd Jobs That Led To Fame

Tuesday 17 June, 2014


If you’re not quite sure what direction to head in or you need financial support to follow your true passion, then part time work can be a great solution. It is exactly that – part time. You can use these casual jobs to your advantage! Utilise the extra time to follow your dreams or discover news ones while earning some extra cash on the side. Try not to get caught up in the type of work, but rather think about how it can help you to achieve bigger goals. Remember: everyone has to start somewhere.

And when I say everyone, I mean it. Even those that you see on the big screen had to start from the bottom and earn their fame. I’ve curated a list of ten successful celebrities that began their careers in odd jobs, but the list extends to all successful boys and girls – famous or otherwise.



1. Sandra Bullock – Cocktail Waitress


After moving to Manhattan, Sandra worked in hospitality as a cocktail waitress, bartender and coat checker! And now…she earned $70 million for her latest role in ‘Gravity’.


2. Kurt Cobain – Janitor


Yep. One of the most iconic musicians of the 1990’s started off as a janitor to finance his love and passion for music.


3. Tom Hanks – Popcorn & Peanuts Vendor


Well, that about explains it.


4. Madonna – Dunkin’ Donuts


Best selling female rock artist of the 20th century began her career working for the American fast food chain. Everybody’s got to start somewhere.


5. Brad Pitt – Chicken Mascot for El Pollo Loco.


Brad’s first performing role and no one even got to see that beautiful face of his!


6. Jerry Seinfield – Telephone Salesman Selling Light Bulbs


Who doesn't need light bulbs? No one.


7. Hugh Jackman – PE Teacher during Gap Year in UK


How I would have given anything to be in his class...


8. Kanye West – Sales Assistant at GAP


And now the self-obsessed artist is married to a 'fashion icon' (as some people call her).


9. Rachael McAdams – McDonalds


And for three years! 


10. Christopher Walken – Lion Tamer


Everyone knows that Mr Walken isn't your average guy but...a lion tamer? Yeah, seems legit.

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