Number 1 job growth sector

Wednesday 10 April, 2013
aged-careNumber 1 job growth sector According to the Telegraph* aged care is the number one growth sector for skilled and unskilled young people. In 2002 there were 2.2 million Australians aged over 65. This will increase to 6.2 million in 2042. If this figure is accurate and there is no significant change to our total population (e.g. mass immigration) then there will be roughly 2.5 working people to each person over 65 in Australia. This rapidly aging population is the primary reason for the growth in aged care jobs. Alternative explanations involve the decline in factory and manual work. The recent job cuts at Holden's South Australia and Victorian plants is evidence enough of this trend. Other areas of growth according to demographer Bernard Salt include café style work. This is coming alongside an upsurge in cafes and small businesses that support student lifestyles and needs, making part-time and casual work easier. Affordable housing, community support services, health care and fitness all similarly are benefitting from a growth in jobs. Youth unemployment in Australia is a major concern that has drawn very little attention thus far. It is important for young people to get into the workforce in any way that they can, by identifying the growth areas such as aged care. To capitalize upon these growth areas of the job market job seekers should look to Sydney's outer regions. Satellite cities around Sydney such as Campbelltown, Liverpool and Parramatta are importantly becoming more and more of a hub for jobs. Decentralising jobs away from the Sydney CBD will enable job seekers to have easier access to local jobs. Do you believe that we should be decentralizing jobs, or improving the CBDs infrastructure to cope with increased demand instead? *Aged care a new factory for workers, Telegraph 10/4
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