New Fad of Pre-Work Clubbing!

Friday 18 July, 2014


Gen Y club culture has us not daring to enter a bar before 11pm and feeling the pressure to stay until the wee hours of the morning, some even venturing through the night and putting heads to pillows while others wake for work. Is this something that we enjoy? I know I constantly ask myself this question. We force ourselves energy drinks through the night just to keep ourselves awake, while knowing the next day will be spent in bed craving food covered in grease.


So how do we fix it? With the latest fad of veggie juices and yoga classes sweeping the world, this London-based event could revolutionise the very concept of clubbing. Swap getting home at 6.30am for waking up ready to rave! With live DJ’s, yoga classes, massage areas & health juice bars – Morning Gloryville is arriving in Sydney next week! Kicking off on Wednesday 23rd July at 6.30am in Paddington, Morning Gloryville aims to promote an active style.


This could be a great opportunity for those that are actually working part time in hospitality and are constantly missing out on the weekend partying action. Or if you just genuinely hate spending your Sundays hung over, this could be the alternative!


Whether you’re working casual, part time or even full time – this event is aimed for pre-work scheduling. Work to live, not live to work!


Don’t believe me? Check it out:



What do you think of pre-work clubbing, could this be the new thing? Comment below or tell us on Facebook: OneShiftJobs!

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