New Apple iPhone is Bending the Rules

Thursday 25 September, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Plus is Bending


Apple seems to be having a bad day. Firstly they’ve had issues in releasing their new software update and now…well, it seems their new iPhones are bending. And no, this isn’t a cool feature of the latest Apple product. So what’s the big deal?


Let’s break this down for a second. Why is everybody so shocked? At a record 7.1 mm thick and with a huge 5.5-inch screen, the new iPhone 6 Plus is the largest and thinnest phone that has ever been produced by Apple. It also happens to be made mostly out of aluminum. So yes, if you put enough pressure on it, it will bend. Guess what else is made out of aluminum? Drink cans. You don’t see people getting up on their high horses complaining that they’ve been ripped off when they bend their cans up into a ball. But then again, a can of drink doesn’t cost quite as much as an iPhone 6 Plus.


Dale, who has recently bought an iPhone 6 Plus says:


“I haven’t had any issues with my phone yet and I’m not too worried about this bending situation as I know that Apple has outstanding customer service and will replace my phone if I have any issues, which is the main reason why I buy with Apple”.


I’ve spoken with Estely who was considering buying the iPhone 6, what she thinks now?


“I want to upgrade my iPhone 4 soon and was waiting for the iPhone 6 to be released to be able to compare it with the Samsung 5S. The only thing that was making me stay with Apple was the size! But if these rumours are true, I’ll have to re-think what I’m going to do, or at least wait for Apple to release a statement.”


Watch the bend test for yourself!


Apple customers do have a right to be annoyed. Although the phone may be a bit bendy, the other features including the screen and battery have not been made to be flexible. Unlike other flex phones including Samsung and LG’s phones which have been specifically designed to get bendy.


Apple has so far yet to make comment on the latest discoveries of the iPhone 6 Plus. Some companies, however, are choosing to take full advantage of this potential marketing opportunity. Well done, Kit Kat, well done.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus Bending, Kit Kat Reacts


And, well, competition also decided to cash in on some potential new customers. Very sneaky.


Apple iPhone is Bending, LG Reacts



What do you think about the bending saga? Comment below to have your opinion heard!

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