New App For Work-For-The-Dole Program

Monday 1 September, 2014

New App for Work For The Dole Program


Proposed Work-For-The-Dole Program


The Government’s new, quite controversial, Work For The Dole program will see young job seekers having to apply for forty jobs each month and taking on twenty five hours of community service (if they want to receive their benefits). If the policy goes ahead, it will come into action from July 1st, 2015.


Just over a month back, OneShift conducted a little survey of our own, which was completed by over one thousand job seekers from our user-base. One of the questions included, “Do you support the new Earn or Learn Policy?” This may surprise you, but 79% of those surveyed support the program.


While plenty of individuals, politicians and small business are against the new Work For The Dole policy, a couple of tech-savvy developers have come forward to offer their help and services.


There's An App For That


There’s an app for just about everything you could need or never need in your life (of course, I’d like to give a few examples before moving on). RunPee allows you to pick the best time in your movie to head to the bathroom without missing anything important, while Crack My Screen will gives your phone the appearance of a cracked screen (because that’s apparently a necessity).


My point is…there’s an app for everything. And now. There’s an app to help you apply for those forty jobs a month. Introducing 36 Jobs A Month, an application that will allow job seekers to create a basic resume and shoot off applications for up to 36 jobs in a month. Why 36? The creator, Brisbane’s David Lumley, believes that there would be approx. four real jobs a month that job seekers should be focusing their time on. Lumley aims to help those under the program to concentrate on these four jobs, while developing this app to assist them to meet the requirements of the Work For The Dole program.


Similarly, Adelaide’s Bill Malkin has proposed a web-based system named SpamBludger. Attempting to raise $30,000 to create the software, Malkin is hoping to develop a system that allows job seekers to easily send off applications while copying in Eric Abetz, the man behind the Work For The Dole policy, reports the SMH.


What do you think of the proposed work for the dole program? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. Or let us know via Facebook at OneShiftJobs.

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