Mums at Work: Tips for Balancing Work and Family

Sunday 17 November, 2013
Image Aussie mums are becoming better at juggling work and family, with more mums in the workforce now than ever before, but could they be jeopardising their health in the process? Research has found that although both mothers and fathers worry about family issues during business hours, women tend to experience greater feelings of guilt and stress. The finding that mothers are burdened by family matters and negative emotions is the subject of new research by Shira Offer, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. Despite the huge progress made in the last decade toward eliminating gender stereotypes, Offer found that society still tends to hold mothers much more accountable for the wellbeing of their children than they do fathers. Offer believes that the majority of the work we do is, whether it be paid or unpaid, takes place in the mind. So how can mums put these feelings aside and flourish in the workplace as well as in their homes? Here are some tips for remaining in control: Find Excellent Child-Care Being able to trust in the people with whom your children spend the day can make a world of different to your mood throughout the workday. Quality child care is a true investment in that respect. Take the Stress Out of Your Morning Routine Rather that running around like a headless chook to get everything done first thing in the morning, it would be greatly beneficial to prepare for the day on the night before. This may include packing the kids' lunches, deciding what to have for breakfast, getting clothes ready for the day and looking over the next day's to-do list. Communicate with Your Boss  Make sure your boss is in the know about your situation so that everyone is on the same page, so to speak. Being able to communicate effectively with your employer will positively affect your confidence at work and at home because you will know how to approach them if any unexpected situations do arise. Embrace 'Me Time'  It's important to make time for yourself. Busy mums can greatly benefit from a refreshing break because it is hard to be a great mother, spouse or employee when you're grumpy or flustered. Make sure you schedule at least a few hours every week to focus on yourself. This could mean indulging in a steamy bath, spending some time reading your favourite book before bed or taking up yoga. How do you manage motherhood and work life? Let OneShift know in your comments. - The OneShift Blog
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