Mixed Messages: why you're not getting the staff you need

Thursday 19 September, 2013



At OneShift, we see it everyday; businesses posting jobs online which don't contain clear or accurate job descriptions. Whilst it's true that a business owner or hiring manager may know what they need - what skills and individual should have and what the job position will entail - it's not always so clear from a job seeker's perspective. 

Some common examples of unclear job ads on OneShift include:

- 'Junior position for web development' ... 'with 5 years experience'

- 'Writer for a widely distributed home and lifestyle magazine' ... 'admin duties only'

- 'Casual bar tender position' ... 'must be available to work Monday-Friday' 



Honesty is the key when posting jobs online. If a job seeker knows the exact ins and outs of a role then there will be less likelihood of a surprise if they decide to accept the position. It's a good idea to explain the challenges of the role, what the organisation or business expects from the employee and the benefits that may come with the position. If an individual has a clear idea of what they're expected to do for a business, they will be more likely to achieve their goals and stay working for that company. 

What has been your experience? Have you ever been in an interview after applying for a job and left wondering if it was the same position you read about? Has a job ever been better than what it was 'made-out' on online? 

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