Luxury Beauty In The Heart Of Sydney

Thursday 24 July, 2014


DeAura Beauty has made it’s way from Europe all the way to Sussex Street, Sydney. Speciailising in hair & facial treatments, DeAura aspires to delay the ageing process and rejuvenate the skin. I went and had a chat with the lovely ladies and gents down at the luxury beauty salon and even had a little facial of my own (did I mention that it contains 24 carat gold?)!


  1.      What kind of services do you offer?


We are very customer orientated, we don’t believe in one off treatments, as they don’t provide the skin care that you need to make a long-term difference. We are primarily concerned with hair and face at the moment since we are new, and our 12-month memberships include a step-by-step process that seeks to rejuvenate your skin. There are twelve treatments that we offer for our members including the 24 carat gold facial, microdermabrasion and a relaxing body massage to name a few.



  1.      You offer a 24 carat gold facial, tell us a little bit more about that…


Yes, it’s definitely our most popular treatment! Our 24 carat gold facial is a process of 10 different products, all containing gold. There are many benefits to the facial such as oxygenating the skin, it slows down the ageing process as well as helps the blood flow through the skin. One of our scrubs within the facial is actually called the “Cleopatra Mask” as she was said to rub gold on her face to rejuvenate her skin.




  1.      You have only been in Australia about a month and decided to hire through OneShift – how many people have you hired with us?


Approximately 20, give or take a few.



  1.      Have you been happy with the response you have received for your job ads?


Yes! Our job ads gained a lot of traction and the people that were matched with our jobs were of a very high quality. We’ve been pleased with those that we’ve hired through OneShift so far!



  1.      Would you recommend it to others?


Yes, absolutely!



  1.      What advice do you give to those who are trying to find work?


When looking for possible candidates, I look for excellent motivation to work rather than the details on their resume. Of course skills are important, but personality is key when working in a customer-based business.


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