Loyal staff in your Motel or Motor Inn? Think again! Here is the awful truth

Monday 28 September, 2015



You have a happy bunch of employees in your Motel, Motor Inn or Guesthouse, but as an Employer you need to accept that it’s the nature of the Hospitality industry that staff move on. There will always be newbies replacing the people that you trained so well, and the only way to approach this is to be prepared.


Research by Roy Morgan* found that from a pool of thousands of Hospitality professionals, nearly one third claimed they were satisfied in their current job role, and almost 40% were very satisfied. When asked about pay, half of the group surveyed acknowledged that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with pay for Hospitality services in Australia. 


And yet – people working in Hospitality appear to lack loyalty, and move within the industry either to a different venue within the company, have a fresh start elsewhere or stray away to progress their career elsewhere. The simple reason is that it’s the nature of the Hospitality industry. Your Motel, Motor Inn or Guesthouse may offer the beauty of flexible working hours, generally a great culture, company discounts, developing new skills, but there is an underlying lack of commitment.


The Roy Morgan study discovered that more than one third either intended to or have definite plans to move from the current business over the next 12 months. Satisfaction is there, but commitment is not.


The first step is to take a look at your team and ask them if they are happy in their current role and ask for feedback. Maybe distribute an employee survey and improve the working environment based on the feedback. 


How would one third of your ‘loyal’ workforce leaving affect your business? We imagine quite substantially. Your team are no doubt a hard-working, reliable, customer-focused bunch, but you need to face the facts!


Be prepared! A constant turnover of staff requires a modern hiring system that is more time-efficient, effective and simpler than modern ways of recruiting. And your answer is here.  


Imagine the wasted time and efforts that you usually go through for hiring talented, top-quality staff, and following that the time it takes to train them. There is a way to be matched the right Hospitality professionals instantly, digitally and find qualified people who are available to start working for you immediately, see here.  


*Roy Morgan: Asteroid April 2014 to March 2015

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