Leave Work At Work

Tuesday 29 July, 2014


Here’s the thing…. work never ends. No matter how many hours you spend working overtime; more work will continue to present itself to you. So. My advice? Stop. Shutdown your computer. Take off your uniform. Put the broom away. Leave work on time.


Taking your work home with you, whether it’s literally responding to emails or continually playing back something a co-worker said to you in your head (what did she really mean by that?), can rarely lead to good. Instead, it will eventually make you resent your work, despise your boss & potentially ruin your relationships with those that you come home to. A vicious cycle really!


Now. I asked myself, “why do people work?” and this is what I came up with (feel free to add to this):



a) To earn money to be able to enjoy moments outside of the workplace, b) To feel as though they have a purpose in life


So why are you ruining the moments outside of work by taking it into your personal life? Trust me, it’s not going anywhere! It will be waiting for you when you step back into work tomorrow.


This doesn’t just apply to 9-5 office workers. Say you’re working part time as a waitress and you’ve had one of those days with all the worst customers one after the other. Clicking their fingers. Leaving no tip. Sending their food back. All that jazz. When you get home, you’re bound to be in a mood – try to leave that at work instead of taking it out on your roommates.


So if you’re someone who is known for a never-ending workday, try a new balance of work and personal life. You never know…you might just enjoy it.


Ways To Leave Work At Work:


1. Turn Off Technology


  Your emails can wait, don't tempt yourself to access them while at home.


2. Take A Walk


  Walking can help you to relax and unwind from a stressful day & hey! It's even good for you!


3. Socialise


  Go out with friends or your partner. Treat yourself. Remind yourself of the more important things in life (sometimes we forget).


4. Bitch


 If all else fails, sometimes we just need to let it out. Don't dwell on it, but if you really need to, bitch to a close friend about that what that chick said to you today. Or how someone ate your lunch right out of the fridge. And then? Let it go.




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