Kickstart your Monday!

Monday 16 June, 2014


Ahhh, Mondays. The start of the working week. The end of freedom.


I don’t buy it for a second. Mondays are a reason for people to complain. The whingy facebook status updates, the constant Monday memes on Instagram, the list goes on.


Monday is the start of the week. It should be utilised effectively to create an organized and proactive week ahead! Stop falling into this trap that society has created where Monday is the devil and we should all resent it. Come on, it’s a day of the week and it comes around just as often as Friday. So let's treat her with some respect.


So here are a few different ways you can take control of your Monday Madness:




This is one of my favourite things to do! Everyone is different, there is not set number of hours everyone should be sleeping. Only you will know what is right and what works for your body. Sunday night is your opportunity to kickstart your Monday morning and rest up! If you get a good sleep, you will wake feeling refreshed and ready for the dreaded Monday ahead. This leads into my next tip…


Wake Up


Seems logical, I know. However, try to set an alarm for earlier on Monday mornings. You can utilise this extra time by either going for a run or reading the newspaper over breakfast. Whatever it is that you do, you will feel more prepared and relaxed before making your way to work.




There is a reason it’s the most important meal of the day! What you eat in the morning can change the way you feel for the rest of the day. If you choose to skip this delicious meal, it will no doubt catch up with you later in the day when you are starving.



Once you arrive at work, preferably with coffee in hand, plan your day. What ever works best for you – personally, I like to make lists. Tackle all those horrid jobs you left yourself from last week. Complete the most difficult tasks first. This will make you feel accomplished and prepared to take on the week ahead of you!

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