Jobs That Save Lives & Potentially Risk Your Own

Friday 25 July, 2014


It has recently come to my attention that those in high society (you know, politicians, royalty, all the people with the power) employ others to be, well, their guinea pigs.


The Independent UK has reported that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has employed a full-time food taster. Of course, with the recent tragedy surrounding the Malaysian airline disaster in the Ukraine, Russia is facing blame from every direction. So fair enough if the guy wants to hire someone to make sure his food isn’t filled with poison? He’s got good reason.


Apparently this role isn’t a new job, in fact, it’s a position that has been employed for literally centuries by those in power. The job is seen to date back to the Ancient Egyptians, where not everyone was reliable for the job. His taster presumably murdered Roman Emperor, Claudius, in A.D. 54 through poisoned food…the job isn’t for everyone (


It was even revealed just last year that President Obama was unable to eat his meal with other politicians, as his personal taster was not present. I admire him for his power of resistance!


This made me think back to a few weeks ago when President Obama was on the receiving end of ricin laced letters. I guess food isn’t the only tactic of attempting to get to those with the highest security! The Guardian wrote that it was in fact an American actress who had minor roles in the Walking Dead who sent the letters; she has since been sentenced to 18 years in gaol (never can trust those creative types). Apparently she was trying to frame her now ex-husband…sometimes we should just stick to our day jobs.


So…looking for an interesting part time job? Well, food tasting could be for you!


Skills? Enjoying food. Using cutlery. Chewing.


Draw Backs? Potential death.

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