Jobs of the Future: 16 Jobs to look out for before the 2020s

Friday 22 November, 2013
Image Photo Credit: As baby boomers start to enter their 60s and are facing retirement, we begin to wonder what will come next for the job market. We know that many of the jobs they currently hold are becoming outdated and are being replaced with new skills that require additional training. Over the next ten years, we're likely to see some major changes in the way people work, but even more so, we're probably going to see a difference in the qualities and requirements for all jobs. Perhaps many of the jobs we're thinking of don't even exist yet. Analysts from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics have predicted that the healthcare and financial services sectors are most likely to flourish over the next ten years and that jobs within these industries are also most likely to increase. According to futurologist James Bellini, this means the creation of roles such as 'elderly well-being consultant' because an older population will need different health care. But he also mentioned the prospect of new positions in the field of farming and agriculture, such as 'vertical farmers', who would be farming crops upwards, not across to save space, as food resources are becoming scarce. Author of You Tomorrow and fellow futurologist Ian Pearson predicts growth in augmented reality where the real world is overlaid with computer-generated images. In other words, many of the changes we are seeing today will create the need for jobs to materialise very quickly. So here are some job titles you might want to look out for in the next ten years, as listed by Britain's Telegraph newspaper:
  1. Digital architect: Designs a selection of virtual buildings for advertisers and retailers to market their products
  2. Home carer: Helps care for elderly people in their own homes
  3. Elderly well-being consultant: Specialises in holistic and personalised care for the elderly
  4. Body part maker: Creates living body parts for athletes and soldiers
  5. Nano-medic: Creates very small implants for health monitoring and self-medication
  6. Vertical farmer: Farms crops upwards rather than across flat fields to save space
  7. Waste data handler: Disposes of your data waste in a responsible way
  8. Climate controller: Manages and modifies weather patterns
  9. Avatar manager: Designs and manages holograms of virtual people
  10. Memory augmentation surgeon: Helps preserve and improve memory in an ageing population
  11. Time broker: Handles time banked by customers in lieu of money for goods or services
  12. Personal branding manager: Develops and manages your personal brand
  13. Child designer: Designs offspring that fit parental requirements
  14. Omnipotence delimiter: Reins in our belief that anything is possible and we are all-powerful
  15. Personal medical apothecary: Provides a bespoke range alternative therapies.
  16. Haptic programmer: Develops technology around the science of touch, such as gloves that make your hand feel warm, or wrapped in velvet.
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