Jobs In Jeopardy!

Wednesday 23 July, 2014


I’m not the first one to tell you that the constant surge in technology is changing the way in which we live our lives. Whether it’s working your part time job on a computer, organizing yourself through the calendar in your phone, or even listening to music in the car via Bluetooth. It’s always changing and we have to keep up. That includes our careers. Yes, there will be many jobs that will become extinct over the coming decades but don’t forget that change will also allow for many new jobs to be created. So be prepared, be versatile & be ready.



DVD Rental Businesses


Working part time in a DVD rental shop? You might want to think about going into hospitality instead; people will always need a drink!


Travel Agent


If you’re planning a holiday, the last thing you want is to be paying someone for a job you could be doing, especially if you are a part time worker! No, you are online looking for the best deal you can find and getting lost in the magic that is travel. Granted, some of my friends still book through agents when travelling to slightly dangerous places but all in all, yet again, the Internet has eaten this job up.




You’ve already seen the self-service check outs at your supermarket…no doubt they are just the beginning of technology taking over the role of cashier.


Print Journalism


News is online and it’s constantly updated there. No wonder less and less people are buying newspapers! And I really do think it’s a shame, there’s nothing better than sitting down at a café with a coffee and a paper!


Postman Pat


It will be a sad day when snail mail no longer exists! Who doesn’t love opening up their mailbox and receiving a hand written letter or even a parcel (forget the bills – no thanks)? I would have thought with the recent popularity of Internet shopping that the old school postal service would have been gaining some traction. However, the Australian government is considering bringing in a new mail system by as early as this year where mail will only be delivered 3 days a week. Sorry Pat, you’re role is coming to an end.

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