It's Never Too Late To Change Careers

Monday 11 August, 2014



It is shown that when people gravitate towards their mid-30s, they begin to consider a career change. This could be due to many factors such as they no longer find satisfaction in their job, it no longer provides stimulation and challenges, or perhaps they were initially pushed towards this career choice and are now realizing other dreams they have for themselves. When you reach this stage in life, it’s difficult to just up and quit and go on the hunt for a brand new career.  You may have kids, a mortgage & cannot afford to take the risk. Or maybe you’re afraid to fail. Don’t be shy, it’s a common fear and not just among career changers.


But tell me this: would you rather take the leap and potentially land your ideal job and live happily ever after, or be where you are right now in 10 years time?


A survey conducted by on the Open Universities showed that an approximately 7.4 million of Australia’s 11.5 million workers are not happy in their current job. These are scary statistics yet sadly are not surprising. We feel stability in our jobs. Change is always a scary thing. But here’s another thing – life doesn’t get better by chance, it’s gets better by change.


Before you take the risk however, make sure you thoroughly research your new career choice. Weigh up the pros and cons. Get out the yellow legal pad. This doesn’t mean you should be comparing the salaries as a basis for change. In fact, it is shown that we are starting to value other factors over pay, including time spent with the family & our levels of satisfaction within the job. In my opinion, these are much more important values in a new job than what goes into your bank account.


If you’re worried that you don’t have the necessary qualifications to take on a new career, you’d be surprised. No matter what job you’re currently in, chances are that you’re acquiring skills that will be able to help you transition into a new job!


No matter your age or what job you’re currently in, it’s never too late to change!





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