iPhones Suck!

Friday 19 September, 2014

New iPhone Released



iPhones suck! Well, that’s how most Android users have reacted to the announcement of the new iPhone 6 last week. The new release has not been up to the huge expectations of many people worldwide, disappointing many Apple customers. Sapphire screen? 20MP camera? 3D display? We can only hope to see these features in the next generations of iPhones.


Be that as it may, when the pre-orders opened at 5PM on 12th September 2014, all mobile broadband services sites such as Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus were down. Their websites were not strong enough for the enthusiasm of Australians who wanted to get their iPhones as soon as they could. On top of this, the Australian online Apple Store was also unstable during that time. This left many users extremely frustrated in the process of getting the latest phone, designed in California.


It took less than an hour to make the iPhone 6+, which was supposed to be delivered to your door on the first day of release and to be delivered in 3-4 weeks. It is amazing that the iPhone 6 sold 4 million units in the first day of release, although a plethora of people claimed that it was below their expectation. There are hundreds of people throughout the world queuing in front of Apple stores to get the iPhone on the release days. This alone makes you wonder if the iPhone 6 really is the most technological iPhone ever.


New iPhone Released in Sydney



The answer is…no. 


There is no shortage of reasons why Apple is still winning in Australia. Head and shoulders above all others are Apple manufactured phones that are best for the majority of people. However, not everyone wants to install customised software on their phone, see the file system, and modify the operating system. Advanced users will stay away from this phone and leave it at the hands of the general population. Another reason why Apple may be so popular is to do with their awesome customer service. Phones/products with defects will be replaced / fixed immediately with no hassle. That is the kind of customer services that make it worth to pay extra for an iPhone.


When all is said and done, there are both merits and shortcomings to every decision we make both as individuals and as society. And the same can be said for the case between Apple & Android. 


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