Interviewing for Retail? Tips for finding the right fit

Tuesday 29 September, 2015

The moment that customers enter your retail store, your employees become the face of your business. So they have to be the right fit! The only impression that matters is the one your retail customers remember when they leave your store. Your success and the success of your store is down to hiring the right people!

We have pulled together top interview tips for finding the right fit for your retail store:

Don't hide behind the resume

Filtering the right perosn for your retail store is so much more than what thier resume says. Charm and charisma are important but culture is crucial, and if your shortlisted candidates don’t fit the mould then they don’t fit in your team. So take advantage of the interview process, be nosy, and envisage the potential newbie in your team. Do they fit the culture in your shop or store?

Stick to the standard!

Have you ever finished interviewing a person and thought, “Oh I wish I asked them that”? Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, and the same goes for how prepared you are for the interview. The interviewees will have rehearsed and researched until the cows come home, and you too should have a standard interview process in place. Don't simply improvise questions, instead think about what you want to get out of the interview, and the key points that you are looking for in the right fit.

Get social

Interviews are stressful for everyone, so lower those stress levels by getting to know the candidate in front of you. It’s an icebreaker for you as well as them, and lowers everybody’s stress levels. A lack of smooth conversation between you and a candidate will likely mean a lack of smooth conversation with customers.  

Question time!

Don’t be afraid to ask challenging questions. Retail customers and consumers are unpredictable and an ideal retail employee will know how to react to challenges, will be quick to admit to mistakes and awill learn from every experience. 

Find the right fit for your retail store by inkcluding these five questions and statements in the interview:

  •        Describe your toughest successful sale
  •        Describe a sale that you lost and why you lost it
  •        “I’m buying X, now sell me Y”
  •        Tell me the top 3 reasons for why I should hire you?
  •        What can you bring to the team that sets you apart from other candidates?


Your perfect retail employee is out there, trust us we’ve met them! Thousands of Retail professionals have joined OneShift to find the right retail job for them. You can find out more at

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