International student numbers need fostering

Tuesday 13 August, 2013
International students are ideally placed to help Australia accomplish its goals for this century. Not only do they improve relationships with foreign countries, but also provide Australia with a new wave of tertiary educated workers. At a more mundane level, international students spend on education, transport, food, housing and other items around $17 billion a year as of 2010. Given the importance of international students, it is disappointing to see government legislation making it harder for foreign students to find gainful employment following their tenure as a student. This is done by way of strict Visa conditions.  OneShift, a Sydney based employment network, is well aware of the need for both full and part-time work for all foreign workers, especially students. With around 20% of 80,000 OneShift job seekers identifying as international it's a large portion of the job market. Deregulating 457 and student visas is a contentious issue, however it is an issue that warrants further notice. We can't stay mired in a top-down approach to deregulation that assumes exploitation is the only result. Genevieve George Founder of OneShift
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