How to Write the Perfect Resume

Friday 7 August, 2015


‘Perfect’ is an abstract term, especially where resumes are concerned. A resume could be outstanding to one employer or could be heading straight for the trash with another. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

It is difficult to predict what an employer regards as ‘perfect’ but we have great insight into what an employer looks for in any resume. A great head start for creating the closest version to ‘the perfect resume’ is to go back to basics and include 8 simple components - the essential ingredients for any typical resume. 

So scratch that over-complicated or over-simplified jumble of words and advertise yourself in the most effective way – by keeping it simple! Include these 8 essential components when writing your resume to improve your chances of getting your professional voice heard by an employer:

  1. Layout and length - clear, concise, consistent - Basic, professional font (perhaps Times New Roman or Cambria), laid out in clear paragraphs and maximum two pages in length.

  2. Contact details - Centered at the top of each page in case pages in hard copy get separated. Avoid unprofessional ‘ditzy@hotmail’ addresses – this is your professional profile, not your social site.

  3. Work and work experience history - Listed in chronological order starting with the most recent. For each role list your duties and responsibilities using action words such as ‘Prepared and cooked…’ 
  1. Education

  2. Achievements and awards

  3. Relevant Training and Qualifications

  4. Personal statement - An employer wants to know about you as a person, so show off your personality. Include those hobbies, interests and quirky characteristics that make you stand out among the rest. 
  1. Referees

In most circumstances a resume doesn’t get you the job, it gets you an interview. But this is one step closer to putting money in your pocket, gaining invaluable experience and achieving your career dreams. Get employed today! 


 Heather Doherty

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