How to stay motivated at work

Thursday 11 July, 2013
It's Friday afternoon and you're at work. Time is going so ... very ... slowly ... and you can't WAIT until the clock hits 5 p.m. when you will head straight to the closest pub or race home to your family. Until that moment, you're being paid and it's important to remain motivated and a consistent worker until that very last minute. Here are 5 tips not just for motivation on a Friday but for motivation during all times of the working week: Image source: Sales HQ 1. Ask for a challenge or for more work: If you can stay on top of the work you already have or find your work dull and uninteresting, ask your boss for more work, a challenging job or, make-up a job for yourself. Examples could include creating a blog for the business and writing content during the quiet times of the day. We all need a distraction from our main tasks and having something like this benefits both the company and keeps you occupied 2. Assume responsibility: we stay motivated when we know that we are responsible for the on-going success of a business. It's important that you understand your role and how the tasks you complete can benefit the whole company. 3. Make your own deadlines: it has been proven that humans are more efficient, motivated workers when we have a deadline to work to. At the start of each day, detail what task you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it by. 4. Surround yourself with other motivated workers: it's like going to study at a library '“ we see everyone else studying and it forces us to do the same. The exact situation applies in the workplace, follow another colleague's work patterns, break when they break and work when they work. 5. Set goals: if the job or task you're working on really isn't motivating or inspiring, think of the benefits, skills or experience you are gaining instead. Every task we do helps to build our overall employ-ability for the future so it's important to view the tasks we do as baby-steps to achieving our overall goals. Let OneShift know how you stay motivated at work!
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