How to prepare your Restaurant for Summer

Monday 28 September, 2015


The Australian summer is nearly here! For most that means bright skies, BBQs and long lazy evenings on the beach. But for Hospitality employers it can be the make or break season!


The holidays are the busiest time of the year for everyone in the Hospitality industry, and the demand for Hospitality staff, special events and perfect customer service at Christmas is in a league of its own. And a productive pre-season to Summer can put you in good stead for upcoming season.

It is vital that you have an action plan in mind for the chaotic summer ahead - otherwise the tough grind from your Chefs, Baristas, Hotel Staff, Waiters etc will be useless.  

Here are some Hospitality hints to help you and your company sail through the Australian Summer season:

  • Plan your A-Team
    Start with the team in front of you – are they solid enough to handle the extra work, and up to the challenge of busier hours and particularly ‘flexible’ hours. Ensure you have a strong team in place, all well trained, reliable, presentable and with exceptional customer service skills. The answer is often to expand your team and recruit so that you’re A-Team can bring their A-Game!


  • Enhance the experience
    Create a Summer-specific experience for your customers that will be translated in the brand. Localising guest experience is a surefire way, so geek up on your knowledge of the local area to promote to tourists and visitors.  

  • Service is just one slice of the Summer pie
    Customer service is so much more than the presentation of your food, or how swiftly you service your coffees, or how clean your hotel is. Summer celebrations involve personalising bookings, events, menus and dishes to reflect the sun-soaked, holiday period. Season-themed menus and events can involve months of preparation; you need to consider themed names, that your products will effectively rival competitor’s and plan even down to the in-season ingredients. Brussels sprouts out, strawberries in!

  • Give your Marketing materials a makeover
    There’s nothing more embarrassing than the face of your website being “so last season”, right? Make sure that all of your marketing materials are relevant, up-to-date and sparkle with Summer. 

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