How to Increase Foot Traffic to your Retail Store

Monday 21 September, 2015



Online shopping has had a powerful impact on brick-and-mortar retail stores, especially in recent years. Retail shopper behaviour shows that consumers are continue to favour online shopping as opposed to offline. This means that employers in Retail, Buying or Merchandising across Australia are boosting their online presence; however this does not necessarily keep your front door swinging.


Consumer behaviour is strongly dominated by online retail but driving foot traffic is still a necessity to drive store sales, especially for businesses with a weak online presence, or in some cases no online presence.  


So how can you as a retail manager or retail employer entice consumers back to traditional in-store shopping?


The Golden Rule: Offer your customers an experience


This is the golden rule of customer engagement. Create a specific customer experience and you create an emotional connection with your customer and consumer. This is a marketing technique that should boost successful sales and breath a new lease of life into your retail store.


Shoppers are becoming more socially isolated, and retail stores are becoming more of a meet and greet destination. When a consumer is given the opportunity to engage with friends and employees in a social way, they will engage with the brand.


Apple is a winning example of a store that makes this happen! An Apple employee will greet customers into their overcrowded store, welcome them with stellar advice and whilst waiting for an assigned employee it’s a prize opportunity for customers to test products and interact with other like-minded customers.


Similarly, Lulu Lemon host free in-store yoga classes to their Sydney store which help to build an in-store fitness and friends community. The experience becomes a part of the brand for yoga babes and boys, with the hope they will return as a paying customer.


The social experience in itself resonates as part of the brand, and we remember experiences, not making a purchase!


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Heather Doherty

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