How to get people to remember your name

Thursday 4 July, 2013
NAMES are important in business. If people remember your first or last name but forget the name of your company then there is still a chance that they can look you up on Google. Your name can also be used as a referral in business; a client may need something which another business may not provide but they could refer the same client to your business through your name and contacts. If you are terrible with names then chances are others find it difficult to remember your own. You don't have to get your name tattooed on your forehead to be remembered. Here are 10 simple steps to make sure your name is not forgotten: 1. Put a picture to your name. Whether your name is very common or more exotic, try and create an image in someone's head which they can then use at a later date to help them remember who you are. For example, if your name is Felix add 'like the cat'. You can make the link humorous like Hugh 'but not as good looking as Hugh Grant'. 2. Refer to yourself in third person. People immediately forget your name when your first introduce yourself because they are focusing on other things '“ the actual conversation, the surroundings, your appearance '“ bring your name back into the conversation a few times. Examples could include 'My mum always told me 'Jessica, you're nothing but trouble' or 'My dog looks into my eyes and pleads, 'Peter, take me walking''.  3. If your name is difficult to pronounce or very long, try inventing a nickname for yourself or shorten your name. I once had a Basque friend and her name was Itzierr. She made herself known in Australia as 'Itzy' like the nursery rhyme, 'Itzy witzy spider'?. 4. If you're confident enough, take a distinguishing feature of yourself and link it with your name. For example, 'Hi I'm Ken, just look for the guy with the big eyebrows' or 'Hey it's Jake, I'm the bald guy'. 5. Give someone a reason to remember your name. Offer something new and interesting to the conversation, pay attention to what other's are saying, have good eye-contact, ask lots of questions or tell an interesting story. If you're a bore or don't inspire, then a person is less likely to remember your name.  6. Re-question for someone's name at the end of the conversation. If you have forgotten the name of the person you are with, chances are, they have forgotten yours. You can end a conversation with 'It was really nice talking with you tonight ... I'm sorry, could you tell me your name again ...'? Normally they will reply with their name and re-ask for your own.  7. Leave a business card. If it's a business meeting or function, it's quite usual to leave someone with your card. That way, they can be in contact with you at their own choice. 8. Introduce yourself at the end of the conversation. You don't always have to introduce yourself at the start, although this normally is the more formal way. Sometimes if you are joining a conversation, add to it with an interesting story and then say, 'By the way, my name's Greg'. This helps people relate your name to a conversation or certain situation. 9. Stand out from the crowd. A colorful scarf, necklace or jacket may help people link your external appearance with your name. They may refer to you later as 'Jenny, with the bright pink jacket' or 'Remember Charles, with the tie with dots and stripes'.  10. Tell someone an interesting story behind how you got your name, your background or your culture. You can say, 'It's Jeremy Jones ... my parents had an obsession with J's'. Or, 'It's Laurent ... a French name'. The next day, only if you feel it's appropriate (and not completely stalking), try and send the people you meet an email letting them know what an impression they made on you or how good it was catching up. This makes the person feel as if what they were saying really was an interest to you and also leaves them with your contact details. Tell OneShift your secrets to making sure your name is remembered. Image Image source: Cartoon Stock
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