How To Get Hired: In Childcare Jobs

Thursday 4 September, 2014

Working With Children - How To Get Hired


How To Get Hired!

The supervisor of Graceland’s Early Education Centre chats to me about part time work, job seekers & working with children!


Tucked away in the North-West Sydney town of Kellyville, Graceland’s Early Education Centre is a family-run day care Centre that provides a fun-learning environment for children aged 0-6 years. They have kindly spoken to us to give some important advice for job seekers and to fill us in on how part time work benefits the business!


Especially when working with children, hiring is an important aspect of the smooth and successful running of the business. Not only do you need to be qualified to work with children, you need to have the right personality to go with it.


So, what do they look for in a successful applicant?


The top three things we look for in a potential employee is reliability, honesty & a good work ethic.

Qualifications, while mandatory to cover certain regulations, are “just a piece of paper”, whereas a great employee is someone who interacts and engages with the children and the other staff.


What are some turn-offs when sorting through applicants?


1. Those who cannot communicate or converse in an interview


2. Those who “bag out” their previous boss


3. Those who ask about pay rates before asking about the Centre


4. Those who show a lack of passion or disinterest in the children and the Centre, or what we call a “lack of oomph”


Benefits Of Part Time:


The Centre hires mostly part time workers. I’ve talked at length about how working part time is extremely beneficial for employees, giving them huge flexibility and therefore an ability to live fuller lives. But how does hiring part time staff benefit the business? Well, Graceland’s Supervisor, Megan, believes that hiring part time employees means they are less likely to burn out. Since they are well rested, it means they are at their optimal when at work. Everyone wins!


Advice For OneShifters:


Use good grammar, respond in a timely fashion & make yourself available for an interview!


Lastly, I just had to ask, what’s the best thing about working with children?


Adults being able to enjoy the kids’ first milestones! Smiling faces, dancing, play and lots of laughs.

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