How to escape an awkward conversation

Wednesday 10 July, 2013
We've all been there before; painted in a corner by someone who is socially awkward or who we just can't connect with. Some people deal with situations like these brutally - 'Oh, my, I think I forgot to feed my cat'? '“ whilst others bravely endure the time spent thinking of what next to say and praying someone will come to their rescue. Image Image Source:

There are easier and kinder ways to avoid these awkward conversations. Here are three important tips to follow:

1.      Introduce the person to someone else: Chances are, if you're at a networking event or a social gathering, there's bound to be many other people who you can 'use' as a way to get out of an awkward social moment. For example, expressions such as: 'That's interesting you should say that, you should meet Paul, he's right into that sort of thing, let's go find him'? or, 'That's something that my friend Sue would say, maybe we should go find her and I'll introduce her to you'? are perfect things to say to help you escape a one-on-one awkward situation. 2.      Make ending the conversation about the other person: examples such as 'I'm probably keeping you from the bar and I need to make a phone call but it was lovely meeting you'? or 'I'm sure there's plenty of other people here who you want to know and I need to pop over and see Sue but it was a pleasure getting to know you'?. The trick here is to keep your closing-off short and sharp to prevent any further chance of awkward lingering. 3.      Leave a business card: if you're in a hurry to get out of that awkward conversation, try the old business card trick: 'I'm so sorry but I just have to , here's my business card in case we don't see each other today/tonight. These suggestions will help you keep your connections in tact as well as prevent you from having to deal with 'the awkward man/woman' all night. Have you ever been in an awkward social conversation? Let OneShift know how you made the great escape!
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