How to come to work 10 minutes late and leave 10 minutes early

Tuesday 16 July, 2013

We often complain that we never get away from work on time because our days have been too busy. We say we spend hours and hours on a particular task and that everything else gets pushed to the bottom of the TO DO list. By the end of the week, all of the tasks we have been avoiding have built up so much that we spend the whole weekend thinking about the up-coming stressful Monday workload.

But how much time do we really devote to these tasks? In a survey conducted by in 2012, figures showed that 41 per cent of employees waste time on Facebook, 37 per cent on LinkedIn and 46 per cent of the respondents look at other job sites for new employment opportunities.

We are procrastinating now more than ever which is probably the reason why so many employers are blocking these social networking sites during the working hours. But social media and the Internet isn't the only reason why employees work harder and longer hours. We are also becoming very bad at prioritizing.

So here are 5 secrets to make sure that you get all your work done (and more) and leave on time:

  1. Break down large jobs. Quite often, an employee will put off doing a certain job because at first glance, the job appears too large and daunting. If you take the time to break down the different components of a job and make yourself deadlines for getting it done, you will be more likely to complete it.
  2. Set emailing times. Most employees check their email first thing in the morning but this often means that we begin focusing on the trivial tasks before getting to what we should actually be working on. Instead, try checking your email around 10 am, after you have spent a good hour or so on the job at hand. You'll be surprised at how much more you can get done.
  3. Regularly up-date your TO DO list. Everyone has one and everyone know that there's always that annoying task that appears at the bottom of the list every week. Sometimes it's a task that would take no more than five minutes of your time to complete so why do we keep carrying it over to our next week's list? Sometimes it's a matter of just getting it over with and getting it done first thing in the morning. 
  4. Don't multi-task. We are actually more inefficient when we multi-task. Why? Because we can't focus on delegating a specific amount of time to getting a certain job done. Make sure you stick to your TO DO list and tick items off one-by-one.
  5. Allow time for interruptions and make sure your deadlines are achievable. Every day there will always be something unexpected '“ an employee's extended birthday morning tea, an extra job, admin duties '“ expect the unexpected and that way, you can better structure the amount of time dedicated to certain tasks.
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