How to boost team morale in your Motel, Motor Inn or Guesthouse

Monday 28 September, 2015


Let’s face it, customers and guests expect an experience. They don’t stay in your Motel, Motor Inn or Guesthouse just for a bed, or dine in a nearby restaurant you might recommend just to fill their stomachs. They might say this is all they want, but in reality they want a memorable experience. And this is vital if you want loyal customers. 

How employees interact is one of the biggest factors towards guest experience. Customers are sensitive to their environment and so a lack of communication between team members leads to a hostile atmosphere, and you would be naïve to think your guests are blind to this.

Your team need to have great morale to create a high standard of service but more importantly a positive guest experience. Based on feedback from our talent marketplace of over half a million candidates, we have listed the top ways and ideas for boosting team morale in your Motel, Motor Inn or Guesthouse:

  1.      “And ‘Employee of the month’ goes to…”

    An Employee of the Month program is a huge incentive for your team to work harder and to positively stand out. The rewards could be a free parking spot for a month, a gift voucher, or even a picture of their pretty face proudly holding their certificate. Make your staff feel appreciated and they will appreciate working for your business. 

  2.      Culture

    If morale is down in the dumps then assess your culture. If your team doesn’t have one, make one. Our candidates have told us that a company’s culture is the deciding vote on one job over another, and is one the main appeals for Millennials today. So make sure your culture is strong! Start off by having a monthly team social and take your team out of the work environment; then sit back and watch your Receptionist interact with Room Service Staff. Host an in-office movie evening, or a cooking course together, or something along those bonding lines.

  3.      Make your employees Mystery Shoppers

    Staff satisfaction isn’t just about how employees interact as a team, it is about how confident they are about the products or services they are selling, creating or serving. Train staff so they are experts in what they are selling, this way they won’t doubt their abilities and will feel more confident in front of customers. Allow staff to sample food or sample an overnight stay in your Motel. This way each employee can get familiar with how your products or services operate, taste or feel. It’s also an opportunity for employees to think more widely about how they can give an even better guest experience than the one they received. 
  1.      Perk up the perks!

    Consider the benefits of offering benefits! For example flexible health insurance packages, early marks for achieving something that week/day/month, or company discounts - your top-quality employees deserve more bang for their buck!

  2.      It’s fashionable to wear uniform darling!

    (Read in pretentious, British female accent). Uniforms – they’re not everyone’s first choice when you open your wardrobe. In the Motel and Motor Inn game however smart shirts, aprons, and some form of branding are the norm. This way your guests can identify that they are actually a room service attendant. And yet, this doesn’t mean that uniforms have to have the ‘ugly’ stigma that is usually attached to them. Consider giving your employees a variety of styles or colours to wear, or allow them to personalise the standard uniform. After all, if your employees feel more comfortable on the outside they wil be happier on the inside. Morale boosted!

  3.      Training and career opportunities

    If your employees feel they can progress in the Motel, Motor Inn or wider Hospitality industry and grow their skills, then you can bet your bottom dollar that their morale will be boosted! The prospect of self-progression and developing skils will promote your employees to work harder, and this will have a domino effect on your guest and their experience. Consider on-the-job training, offer employees the chance to shadow Managers, or consider training courses.


High staff morale in your Motel, Motor Inn or Guesthouse cements smooth operations of day-to-day work. In-turn this creates guest satisfaction and positive brand reputation. Now say hello to your happier, more motviated team!

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