How to Beef up your Butcher Shop

Monday 28 September, 2015


Customer spending on eating out in Australia has soared by over 55% since the 1980s*. The convenience of not having to cook, clean or compliment the Chef has customers chomping at the bit.


And if there’s one ingredient your menu needs right now it’s beef. A lot of beef. Australian beef is among some of the best in the world and each year the average Australian consumes around 33kg of beefy goodness.


Beef dishes made it to this year’s Good Food’s ‘Top 10 Foods that Changed Sydney’; an all-beef patty called The Lotus Burger available at Lotus restaurant, and we think it’s the all-beef factor that make it such a hot seller in Sydney. 


Overseas demand for Aussie beef continues to beef up year on year, which is great news for beef farmers and an opportunity to support your local farmhand. Restaurant Managers are quickly noticing the beef effect, and the wider opportunities to help local agriculture. 


So jump on the bandwagon (or ‘beefwagon’) and give your Aussie customers what they want!

Beef is high in protein, packed with vitamin B12 and is precisely why Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) recently advised that Chefs should get creative with beef by using different and cheaper cuts to satisfy you and your meat-loving customers.


Not to mention that Hospitality Magazine found that women and men alike are more likely to choose beef for lunch if chefs are creative with how it’s prepared and served. 


So it’s time to think outside the bun! If you want to lasso in the customers then encourage your kitchen staff and Chefs to get creative with cow. This country’s beef is the cupid arrow to your markets heart!


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*Good Food (Figures based on real-time)


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