How To Be Happier At Work

Monday 28 July, 2014


Routines are a fact of life, whether they are created in the work place, at home or how you plan your day. They can either be good for us and keep us on the right track or they can do the opposite and get us stuck in quicksand. Routines can often allow us to lose sight of our goals and keep us on a never-ending cycle of dissatisfaction at work. So mix it up, add some life into your work & be happier for it.


“Happy: feeling or showing contentment or pleasure”


Here are five ways to be happier at work:


Be Social


Get to know your co-workers. That could be having some chitchat while buying your coffee from the local café, going out for Friday drinks or asking them what they did over the weekend. Having friends is a sure way to create a happier work place.


Be Responsible


A few of my friends complain that they absolutely despise their jobs because their superiors don’t give them enough responsibility and they are left bored out of their minds. If you are finding yourself with little to do, ask your boss to take on some extra work. It will give you more to do as well as sprucing your resume! Or alternatively, take a course or seminar to give you some extra skills to bring to the table. For example, if you’re working part time in reception, consider taking a short course in business to understand how your company runs. This will also give you the knowledge to be able to move up the ladder if you wanted!


Be Working Towards A Goal


The word ‘goal’ is an immediate turn-off for me. All through school we had to set weekly goals and I would never understand the point, I would always end up writing down a few clichéd points that I thought they would want to hear. I’ve come to realise that writing goals isn’t to impress anyone; they are completely and utterly designed for you. They can be anything. For example, if you’re a part time bartender, your goals could be getting more tips.


Goals give you something to work towards as well as giving you reason to feel useful in your work.


Be Active


Literally. I am a firm believer that exercise makes you happier. Sometimes if I’m feeling a bit claustrophobic in the work place, I use my lunch break to go for a quick walk around the area or eat my lunch in a nearby park. Then you can return to work feeling rejuvenated!


Be Helpful


Helping others will in turn help you. It makes you feel better! If someone is in need of help, offer your assistance. If you think someone has done a really great job, let them know. Spread the joy! It really works, give it a try.

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