How to be a Great Boss

Sunday 24 November, 2013
Image Photo Credit: Happy employees means happy customers which makes for a successful business model. The fast-paced, short-term, resource-deprived workplace of today requires more trust from employees than ever before. People want a leader who is likeable, understanding, can motivate them and knows how to freshen up the atmosphere when things start looking stale. So, here are five ways to improve your leadership skills today: Encourage the flow of ideas and let employees fail It's important to empower your employees and to allow and even motivate them to show entrepreneurship. Encouraging individuals to show initiative and be their best will not only show you, but also help them discover how they will best fit in to the company and how they can contribute. Build teams that work well together You want a superstar in your team, not a team of superstars. Leadership should involve facilitating effective teamwork. Collaboration is key to meeting objectives and reaching goals. In other words, bosses need to influence rather than control the dialogue. Leaders have to allow the team building to be less instructional and more cooperative. Try to be a transparent communicator Constantly communicate your vision, ideas, goals and objectives with your team. These can change over time so it's important to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Show that you're an effective communicator by using every available method to define and explain your expectations. Don't let yourself stand on a pedestal The impact of your position will show when you reveal the true person behind 'the boss'?. Employees want to be able to relate to their leader and to respect them for the kind of person they are. Show them that you have in the past done what you expect them to do today Give appropriate and timely feedback Don't wait until the official performance review to give critical feedback to your staff. If their performance isn't up to scratch, they need to know. Right now. Waiting to give feedback will leave them wondering why you didn't say anything about it sooner. Perhaps they could have taken steps to change things earlier and improved before it led a bad review. What are your tips for great leadership? Tell OneShift here. - Lora Chevkenova, The OneShift Blog
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