How to Attract the Right Job Seekers to Your Ad

Tuesday 8 April, 2014



A well-worded job description gives employers and hiring managers the advantage of having fewer candidates to consider and more quality applications in their pipeline, which saves time and allows more room for scheduling productive operations. 


In order to weed out unsuitable candidates, you must consider a few key points when writing up a job description:


Be clear

The worst thing you can do is to write a vague, wishy-washy job post because the applications you receive will reflect that. You need to be specific and indicate exactly what you’re looking for. If you need an office administrator to use a particular type of software, for example, you should list it as a requirement rather than assume. If you need bar staff to pour beers and prepare cocktails, write it in the job description.


Adopt the company’s culture

Every business has its own character and style. This should be reflected in the way the job ad is written. If the company is corporate with serious undertones, the writing in your job ad should be too. If hiring for a funky hipster café, adopt a creative and youthful tone. This allows potential candidates to see what your business is all about, which discourages the wrong applicants and attracts the right ones.


Be transparent 

Tell job seekers exactly what your company is about. Explain the processes and tools that are relevant to the advertised position. Also, be sure to clearly communicate the type of basic day-to-day practices you have in place such as whether the job entails working in a team or not, if it involves travelling or whether some weekend work is expected. Misleading applicants at this stage will only lengthen the hiring process.


Be intentional

Many of the job descriptions out there tend to list a whole range of vague skill sets that are essential to almost every job out there. Try instead to narrow it down the ones that are actually required for the job at hand. The skills that would be used on a regular basis should be noted and if there are some that would only be utilised occasionally, let the candidates know.


Look for more than a broad profile

Ask the job seekers to answer a few short question in their application. This way, the candidate is required to customize the application to the job specifically, which weeds out candidates who would have supplied a response that obviously doesn’t fit with what you’re looking for. If candidates skip the questions, they’re probably not going to be the best fit.


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