How to attract Millennials to your business

Monday 10 August, 2015


Millennials - they’re an attractive bunch! They invite new ideas, creativity, innovation and are more familiar with PC’s and iPhones than they are pen and paper.


However, these tech-savvy, highly educated young adults have different expectations for work and their employers than the generations before them. The 2015 Deloitte Millennial Survey showed that 92% of Millennials measure business success by more than just profit. Seven in ten Millennials surveyed also showed that they plan to work independently at some point in their lives, rather than in a traditional business structure. 


So if this is the case - how do you attract these fresh minds to your workforce?


  1. Get social


The Millennial generation speak the language of online and social media, so reach out to them via this. Upsell your company on the World Wide Web; advertise its culture, what makes it different to other companies and the desirable selling points that make your company a great place to work.  


  1. Fire up flexibility


The ‘2015 Workplace Flexibility’ study published earlier this year showed that 75% of employees ranked flexibility in the workplace as the main benefit for working in a particular company, and 74% of unemployed people did the same.


Further research has shown that Gen Y employees acknowledge flexibility as a key factor in maintaining their motivation and their commitment to their employer and work achievements.


So if you’re looking to attract the Generation Y’s then stay open-minded to flexible working hours. Flexibility is quickly becoming an expected perk in the workplace. Follow the flexibility trend!


  1. Flat hierarchy


Millennials are a new breed of entrepreneur; these days being self-employed or owning your own business is not considered a pipeline dream. Millennials can achieve the impossible and are taught so from an early age.


Millennials value independence, recognition for hard work and for their voice to be heard in a team. Therefore, those companies that promote a flat hierarchy and equality across professional titles will appear more attractive to this bunch.


Offering training and development opportunities will connect with the entrepreneurial spirit in Millenials. They look to stretch their entrepreneurial muscles, and ways to do this could be offering them the chance to design their own project, or occasionally shadow new teams to broaden their horizons and skills.


  1. It’s charming to be charitable

Millennials agree that businesses should not just be about making money, but should be about making a difference and creating a better world.


A report by Walden University showed that 81% of Millennials have charitably donated money, goods, or services, and the Global Philanthropy Group discovered that 61% feel personally responsible for making a difference in the world. So connect with Millennials by showing off your charitable side!


Interest the best by woo-ing them with flexibility, being charitable, having an equal working structure and doing so through social media.


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Heather Doherty

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