How part-time work shaped my career

Thursday 11 December, 2014

Sumo Salad Darling Park, Sydney


Touching down on Sydney soil, Punes arrived in Australia with no previous work experience and limited English skills. Making the journey from Malaysia, she was here to begin her university studies in English. The first thing on the list? Get a part-time job.


To her surprise (and perhaps to yours too), it wasn’t as difficult as you may think. No work experience and poor English? No worries, says Sumo Salad. They aren’t looking for the right skills, but the right people. And luckily for Punes, she has some incredible energy and enthusiasm that goes hand-in-hand with awesome customer service skills (beautifully shown by a regular customer strolling past our little meeting, patting her on the back and telling me that “she’s a good egg, this one”)!


Four years on and now a manager in a CBD location, Punes has been so influenced by her now full-time gig at Sumo Salad that she is undertaking further studies in Hospitality Management, where she hopes to continue to build her career.


P.S. Sumo Salad is hiring in Sydney CBD locations! For more details, check out: Sumo Salad Artists


Sumo Salad, Fresh Fruit, Sydney

Photo: Supplied


Why Sumo Salad?


“The work culture here is really fun! The team that I manage in Sydney – we celebrate all of our birthdays by going out to dinner! It’s a great motivation for them to work hard but mostly it’s a nice reward as I wouldn’t be able to manage the venue without them.


The head office holds the annual Christmas party, which is also so great because we can create good relationships with other venues and meet new people.


 Also…I like salad! I come from a completely different food culture to Australia, so I was actually really interested in the different foods here.”


Punes has also shared a few pieces of advice for those looking for work in areas of customer service and retail with no experience:


  •       Must have great people skills!
  •       Good knowledge of the product.
  •       Eye contact!




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