How Long Do Australian Workers Plan To Stay In Their Jobs?

Monday 10 November, 2014

Survey on Australian workers: Gen Y To Stay In Their Jobs Less Than 5 Years


A recent Newspoll carried out for The Australian has revealed some shocking, but then again, not so surprising figures.


First of all, let’s make it known that these figures are only based off 699 interviews with both full time and part time workers. That’s not a huge database to work off when you’re predicting the trends of the Australian working population.


Nevertheless, here’s what the numbers say.


The Australian survey reveals about the five year itch

Image: The Australian


57% of workers aged between 18-34 expected to stay in their jobs for less than five years. Surely this shouldn’t come as a shock. It is well known that Gen-Y like to move around and that they’re likely to not only change jobs but also change career paths multiple times in their life.


In fact, I wrote a blog about the job hop a few months ago. You can check it out here: The Ups & Downs of the Job Hop 


Overall, 48% said that were likely to stay in their jobs for less than 5 years, with 14% saying they would stay for less than a year.


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Another not-so-surprising figure shows 80% of interviewees said that their work would become much more difficult or even impossible without access to a computer.


While some people might argue that relying on technology isn’t the way to go, think of all the positives technology brings to the workplace. Sherrie Scott of Demand Media argues that it technology in the workplace improves communication, increases mobility (think of all those people living off their travel blogs while typing away on a beach in South America), & of course increases efficiency.


I’m getting off track. The point being – people are getting restless. Yes, the generations before us (“us” being Gen-Y) remained loyal to their companies, they would spend their entire careers with one business. Does that mean it’s the right thing to do?


Because, if you ask me, that sounds horrible. We want something fresh, and we want to keep our lives interesting.


I want to know what you think. What’s your opinion on the job hop? Do you think it’s wrong for young people to switch careers every now and again, or are you all for new starts?


Come and chat to me on our Facebook page, OneShiftJobs. I’ll be on the other end and I want to hear your opinion. 



Top image found: PaperBlog


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