How Important is Beauty When Applying for a Job?

Friday 13 December, 2013
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If you're lucky enough be one of the beautiful people, then you're familiar with the perks and benefits that come with being attractive, even if you take some of these perks for granted at times. If you're not so fortunate, you're probably even more aware of the incentives that come with 'hotness' because you've witnessed them as many times as you've been overlooked in favour of a good looking counterpart.

Many studies have proven that attractive people are likely to make more money, get promoted faster, and generally enjoy more success in their careers that the plain Janes and average Joes. But does attractiveness mean all that much at the start of the hiring process too?

A recent study from Italy has revealed just how much more luck attractive people have in job-hunting than unattractive people. The researchers sent out over 11, 000 copies of one resume, changing only the name, address and photograph to test the impact of beauty on the callback rate.

Sadly, discrimination was clearly present as attractive people had a significantly higher chance of being called in for an interview. While the average callback rate in the entire study was 30 per cent, the average for attractive women was nearly double that, while good-looking men averaged just under 50 per cent.

An Argentinian study from 2012 uses a similar approach to test the importance of attractiveness in securing a job interview. The researchers sent out a fake résumé to real job advertisements in Buenos Aires. The application included a photograph which was digitally manipulated in order to make the applicant's face appear attractive or unattractive, based on the proven definition of attractiveness and the results were similar to those in the first example, with a 36 per cent higher response rate to applications with an attractive photo.

Good-looking people in the workplace were once more likely to score a promotion or enjoy a higher pay and generally experience favouritism. But with further development of online technology allowing people to share more of themselves across several different platforms, the impact of physical attractiveness is now evident much earlier in the employment process.


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