Hiring for a Fruit and Vegetable shop? Hire the exception not the rule!

Monday 28 September, 2015

Hiring exceptional employees means hiring for more than just what’s on paper. Resumes are important yes, but the real talent lies between the lines. Especially where talented retail employees are concerned! As a manager or recruiter for a fruit or veg store, you need to know how to spot the rare gems.

Retail requires people that not only know how to sell the brand, but know it inside and out, can pull in the punters, can create customer loyalty and are shining representations of your brand.

The crème de la crème are the exception – but trust us they’re out there, and here are some top tips for hiring them: 

  1.     All about the PEOPLE

    Personable, sociable, engaging - the very foundation of your next star retail seller is a person who can connect with the customer on a personal level. When a customer is able to connect with a retail assistant or sales assistant, this translates as brand loyalty and solidifies customer loyalty. One way to test this trait is role play in the interview; put yourself in the customer’s shoes and notice how/if you connect with each candidate.

  2.     PASSION is the one thing experience can’t teach!

    Customers are smart and pick up on a lack of passion. Forced passion is just as fatal, the second a customer detects plastic vibes they are less inclined to purchase. At first interview the candidate should be well researched on you and your business, and should be able to back up their passion with their genuine reasons – not well-rehearsed testimonials.

  3.     FIRST IMPRESSIONS are everything!

    What you see is what you get. If customers see unironed clothes, unpresentable appearance and a frown they will relate this to your brand. Customers will associate poor-quality presentation with poor quality products/services. If first impressions leave you smiling then the same goes for a customer. And whilst on the subject of smiling, people are drawn to positive people; a candidate who smiles never goes amiss. 

  4.     Pinpoint the SOFT SKILLS

    Reliability, initiative, attention to detail - we all have it but in different amounts. Your next winning retail employee needs to be oozing with all three characteristics.  Customer service skills can only go so far if employees show up late for work, can’t solve problems and cannot think on their feet.


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