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Thursday 4 June, 2015

Eat, sleep, work, repeat - only the ‘sleeping’ part will be slightly less comfortable than usual. Our CEO Genevieve George, along with local Sydney CEO’s, will be sleeping rough in the city to raise money and awareness for Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout, a charity that raises money for Australia’s 100,000 homeless people.


Over the past 10 years Vinnie’s homeless services, as part of St Vincent de Paul Society, have provided immediate and emergency assistance to Australia’s homeless, and have created pathways to help our homeless towards a brighter future. However, none of this would have been possible without generous donations and ‘fun’ (read ‘sleepless’) fundraising events like the upcoming CEO sleepout on Thursday June 18th.


Imagine waking up under a bridge, in a park, or a bus shelter. Now, imagine doing that in this bitter winter weather. These are the people we rush past everyday whilst we’re too preoccupied with our takeaway cappuccino in one hand and morning paper in the other. We don’t notice their signs, we don’t notice their begging hands and we don’t even notice their puppy-eyed pooch.


Last year the charity were able to provide almost 1.2 million meals and 365,000 bed days to Sydney’s homeless. This year, they aim to raise $10 million and have just hit the $2.1 million mark.


CEO’s from Parramatta to Points Point (and places in between) will be donning their sleeping bag, picking a pew in Hyde Park and bracing the freezing winter weather to raise funds for our city’s homeless, each with a target of raising $10,000. It’s time to take action people! Rise to the challenge and sponsor our CEO Genevieve George today at:  


Our city’s CEO’s are all over it, you can be too!     


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Heather Doherty

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