Hate Your Job? Here’s 5 Things You Need To Do Before You Quit.

Monday 3 November, 2014

Hate Your Job? Follow These 5 Steps Before You Decide To Quit.


5 Things To Do Before You Quit


Ok, so you hate your job? Or is it just a bad day, or a bad month?


Saying “I quit” shouldn’t be your first option. More of a last resort, if you like. Before you make any rash decisions, follow these steps before racing to the end.


 1. Why do you hate your job?


Make sure you ask yourself this question before you do ANYTHING. And don’t ask yourself this when you have just had a horrible day at work. Perhaps when you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon you should list the reasons why you are not enjoying your current workplace.


It could be your salary, working hours, relationships with your boss or colleagues. Whatever it is, write it down. Why don’t I enjoy working here?


2. What do you actually like about working there?


This is the next important step, to write down the things (ok let’s be honest, you’re just going to think about it, but writing it down is a good idea) you actually enjoy about your job. There has to be something, otherwise you would have left already.


In my opinion, this is possibly the most important step. The grass is always greener on the other side. In other words, you may get yourself a new job and find that the job you supposedly hated with a severe passion wasn’t so bad after all. You don’t want to feel that kind of regret.


3. Talk to someone.


There will be someone in your company, perhaps someone in HR or your own manager that you are able to speak with. Have a chat about your options and see if there’s anything that can be done to improve your situation.


Are you looking for more flexibility?


Would you like to take on more tasks that suit your skills?


Do you feel undervalued?




4. Try to improve the situation.


So management didn’t really help, maybe you can help yourself. Depending on why you aren’t enjoying your work, there could be various ways to improve your work satisfaction. Think about getting yourself some new skills, avoiding the difficult colleagues, or improving your day by shaking up your routine outside of work hours.


5. It could be time to say goodbye.


Tried all of the above with no luck? Maybe it’s time.


Quitting your job is a decision that should not be made lightly. Make sure you have taken steps to attempt to improve the situation before giving up and most importantly, make sure it’s the right decision for you.


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