Hate your job? Check out the 7 most dirtiest jobs

Tuesday 22 October, 2013

Work in a sterile office all day and think life's a bore? Maybe these jobs will make you think again? 

1. Medical waste biohazard cooker

These are the people responsible for collecting the hospital's bags of waste (yep, blood, urine, teeth, you name it) and make them disappear. They put these bags into giant metal canisters' that heat up the materials to about 127 degrees Celsius; ensuring the safe disposal of the hazardous waste. They say it smells and we believe them. 

2. Hazmat diver

Hazmat divers regularly swim through toxic sewage dumps, oil spills and other forms of hazardous waste. Their job is to mediate environmental emergencies - and to clean up pollution in our seas and waterways. 

3. Blue cheese factory labourer

Blue cheese production labourers have to work daily in a factory filled with rotting cheese and festering mould. They work hard amongst these smells to get the cheese's well-known flavour. Next time you go to a cheese appreciation event, be sure to appreciate those workers as well!

4. Crime scene investigator

It's not all fame and fortune like you see on TV. Your job is to track down dead bodies, sometimes decaying for weeks or even months. And when you finally find what you've been looking for, it's time to put your skills to work and that means getting in close to the body and examining it inch by inch for clues.  

5. Coursework carcass preparer

They make biology lab assignments possible by killing and preserving small animals for study. All types of animals end up on the lab's table ready for dissection (frogs, sheep parts, cockroaches) and it's their responsibility to make sure it's there. 

6. Whale-feces researcher

Yes, you read it right. These researchers examine whale's poo in order to determine things such as: pregnancy, genetics, and hormone measurement. They search for the remains the whales leave behind, floating on the surface of the ocean water. They have about an hour to scoop up as much as they can of the floating load before the poo sinks to the bottom.

7. Recycle plant worker

Although it seems pretty straight forward, these guys sort through the mucky stuff with their own hands, pulling out busted dirty nappies, dead rats and half-eaten sandwiches, to separate the recyclable materials. So next time you accidentally through something in the wrong bin, remember the grief you are about to give these guys down at the plant.

Image Image source: greenhome.ie

What's the dirtiest job you have heard of? Let OneShift know! 

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