Hate working Friday afternoons?

Tuesday 16 July, 2013
Image Image source: someeecards.com We're all jealous of those lucky ones who finish work at midday on a Friday. They have a long lunch, they stroll in the park and then they go out for drinks at their local. In fact, we're jealous of everyone who gets to knock-off work early. So why not look into some part-time or full-time work where you're almost guaranteed to start the day early and end the day early. Here are some suggestions: Horse trainer Bread baker Assisting at the local markets Fruit picker Postmen/women Newspaper delivery driver Breakfast chef Lollypop lady/man Nanny Shelf packer at Wollies, Coles, IGA or other bigger supermarket and retail chains Barista Bus driver Fisherman/woman Construction worker Cleaner Morning news producer Are you an early-bird? Let OneShift know what type of early shift work you have!
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