Hate being on your feet all day? Avoid these 10 jobs!

Thursday 25 July, 2013
Many people hate being chained to a desk all day but there are just as many who can't stand being on their feet. If you can't bare the thought of aching heels at the end of the day, avoid these 10 jobs which require a lot of standing time. Woman-rubbing-sore-feet Image source: healingfeet.com 1. Wait staff Anyone who has worked as a waiter or waitress will be able to tell you that at the end of their shift, all they look forward to is putting their feet up. Not only do wait staff stand all day, they are walking from customer to customer as well. Cooks, chefs or any job relating to food preparation will also mean a great deal of standing. 2. Nurse Nurses, especially during the day shifts, spend their day walking the halls from patient to patient and will also help lift and move the less mobile. Physicians and surgeons also spend a great deal of time on their feet, although are somewhat more idle. 3. Guide If you've been a tourist then you can understand how tired guides must be at the end of the day. Not only do guides walk the whole city, sharing sites and stories, they do it at least three times a day. 4. Personal trainer People who decide to become personal trainers generally have a great love and passion for fitness however don't be fooled by the dozens of coffee breaks they have throughout the day '“ there's just as much standing, running, jumping and sprinting time as well. 5. Teacher Teachers, especially primary school teachers, spend their day standing at the white board, watching over children and holding the occasional sports class or lesson '“ all on their feet. What's more, if you strike the unlucky roster, you also spend your lunch break walking around the playground. 6. Construction worker Yes, construction workers get their 'smoke-o' breaks twice, three or four times daily but outside of these times they're on their feet, lifting heavy building materials or operating weighty machinery and tools. 7. Postman/woman Many spend the morning on their feet walking around various suburbs, climbing stairs and avoiding those snarling post-men-hating dogs however the day doesn't end there. Many postmen then spend their day on their feet at a post office, sorting mail for the next day. 8. Hairdresser I'm yet to meet a hairdresser who sits down to cut a client's hair. They're on their feet and normally, trying to do three things at once whilst chatting away with a smile on their face. 9. Massage therapist Whilst you're relaxing and getting a nice massage, take a moment to reflect on the poor therapist who has been on his/her feet all day. 10. Retail Depending on the type of product you're selling, most retail workers are on their feet all day, at the till, packing shelves or showing customers products and services. What jobs have your worked which required a good pair of comfortable shoes? Let OneShift know!
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