Getting ready for the Sydney CEO Sleepout

Tuesday 16 June, 2015


 The big CEO Sleepout is only two days away, and OneShift’s CEO Gen George will be joining 1300 other CEO’s to sleep on the streets to raise money for homeless people in Sydney.


The forecast of CEO’s turnout is looking great, the weather forecast not so great. Rain is predicted and the temperature could dip to as low as 12C. Forget cosy sleepover, it will be a gruelling night of CEO’s putting themselves in the shoes of the 100,000 homeless person across Sydney.


It will be a battle of mind over matter. Volunteers will be given ‘Vinnies CEO Sleepout Dollars’ and will have to make tough choices about how to spend their only means of finance. The Sleepout dollars will not be enough for small comforts, therefore CEO’s will have to think long and hard about how they will survive the night without a meal, and only a piece of cardboard and sleeping bag to protect them against the cold concrete.


The event kicks off at Big Top, Luna Park from 6pm this Thursday, June 18th. So far the CEOs have raised over $3.5million and this is the 10th anniversary of the Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout charity event. The charity raises awareness and donations for the homeless in Sydney, and provides support services in their tragic situation.


Sydney CEO’s are rising to the challenge, can you rise to the challenge too? Help our city’s homeless by sponsoring volunteers like Gen George (Genevieve George) at:


Heather Doherty


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