Friday's Forecast: Tips For Your Cover Letter

Friday 8 August, 2014


Keep in mind that recruiting has very much strayed away from the traditional handing in of a CV and a Cover Letter. Companies hire through their own personal and professional networks, recommendations, online job postings & social media sites such as LinkedIn.


With that in mind, there are still some traditional companies and employers that take your cover letter into account. And the bottom line? If a job ad asks for a cover letter, you’re going to have to give one. So better make it good.


  1.      Short & Sweet

Keep it to one page. No one wants to read any more than that.


  1.      Keep It Relevant

You should be writing a new cover letter for every job you apply for. That’s not to say you can have a template you work off, but the specifics will need to be altered according to each job.


  1.      The Trick Is In The Job Ad

Every job lists the qualities they are looking for in an applicant, e.g. “attention to detail, good organisation, works well in a team etc”. You should be addressing each point that they have listed and demonstrate how you have put these skills into practice. Give specific examples.


  1.      Do Not Repeat. I Repeat, Do Not Repeat

Don’t double over with what’s in your CV and what’s in your cover letter. The letter is a chance to give examples and why you’re good for the job, not to summarise your resume.


  1.      Spell Check

There’s no excuse for spelling and grammatical errors. You will be an immediate “bin pile” if you can’t demonstrate basic language skills.

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