Friday's Forecast: How You Should Treat Your Job Interview

Friday 15 August, 2014

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Job interviews often get the best of us. Our nerves kick in, hands are sweating, your mind races through those answers that you’ve been practicing over and over. What we often forget is that the interview is just as important for the job seeker as it is for the potential employer. The interview isn’t just for the company to determine if you’re right for the position, it’s also for you to decide whether the position is right for you.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a full time or part time job, if it’s in hospitality or a corporate office environment, it’s about if the values of the company are in line with yours. It’s about if your future colleagues and managers are going to stimulate your growth. It's about what this position is providing for you.


Here are a few Friday tips for both parties on how to treat the interview:


The Interviewer:


Remember, your first impressions are just as important as those of the candidate, it could determine whether they want to work for you or not.


The right candidate is not necessarily the one with the glowing experience. It could be the person with limited experience, but is much more enthusiastic and passionate about the role. It’s not always about the skills, but rather about finding someone to fit in with the team.


The Interviewee:


Before you enter into an interview, you should have an idea of what you’re looking for in a new manager, company and role. What values do you look for in company culture? Are you looking for salary or flexibility?


Ask questions. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. There’s nothing worse than accepting a job offer only to realise it was the wrong decision.


There you have it, the two way street. Stop treating interviews as if one person is holding all the power, otherwise that's exactly what you're giving them.

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