Friday's Forecast: 4 Tips To Be More Productive At Work

Friday 22 August, 2014

How To Use Time Management & Be More Productive At Work



How To Be More Productive At Work

4 Tips To Put You Back On Track


These four tips to be more productive at work are not the only ones in the book, but they are the most effective ways to get you back in the right direction.


  1.      Learn How To Prioritise


Note: I’m prioritising by putting this tip at number one. It’s tempting to step into the office and make yourself feel productive at work by completing those simple tasks. Checking your emails. Replying to one or two. Making a quick phone call. Updating your calendar. Try not to fall into this trap.


How to prioritise? Complete the most important or urgent tasks first. Complete the job that’s been in the back of your mind all week. The more the day lingers on, the bigger the job will build in your mind. You are most energetic in the morning, so use this time to focus on the most important things of the day.


  1.      Make A List


I’ve read numerous articles on what apps you need to be productive at work. I don’t buy it. We don’t need technology, if anything, it’s just another distraction for us to resist. A good old-fashioned pen and paper will help you feel more organised – write a simple “to do” list. It will make you feel accomplished once you get ticking away next to your completed tasks!


  1.      Time Management


Creating a routine for your workday will help you to employ effective time management, an essential skill to being more productive at work.


  1.      Take Breaks


Last, but not least. Taking breaks is important to maintain our motivation, energy and productivity. It’s a marathon not a sprint, you have to pace yourself. Working through the day without a break benefits no one, least of all your company. Yes, take lunch. During the day, when you find yourself getting fidgety, take the time to get up and stretch. This also helps tip number three, where you are maintaining time management in making sure not to wear yourself out! 

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