Friday In The Life Of...Ruby!

Friday 10 October, 2014

A Week In The Life Of OneShifters: Friday


A Week In The Life Of OneShift


Well…it’s here ladies and gentleman, it’s finally arrived. Friday.


Ha! Who am I kidding? This is the first time Friday has snuck up on me like that! I could really get used to this whole ‘long weekend’ business, we should think about integrating it into a weekly routine if you ask me.


However, Friday also marks the last day of this week in the life of our beautiful OneShifters. It’s been so great getting to know a little bit more about our users, no doubt we’ll be getting back in touch sometime soon…stay tuned.


But before we say goodbye, first of all say hello to Ruby! She’s studying a Masters of Chiropractic, she works in a funky bar & she knows good food!


A Week In The Life of OneShifters - Ruby


What are your plans for this wonderful Friday?


Unfortunately I’ll be finishing up a big day at uni around 7pm (gasp). After that, I’ll be heading out with some of my girlfriends for a few quiet drinks at Frankie’s! To top it off, I’ll be heading home for some movie & snuggle time with my boyfriend.  


What’s the most interesting fact about you?


I have a fluttering heart beat!


What’s your favourite Sydney spot?


My favourite spot at the moment is Manly Wine Bar. It’s the perfect spot for Sunday afternoon drinks in this beautiful spring sunshine!


What’s on the top of your travel bucket list?


I would love to visit Norway to see the Northern lights! That would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.



If money didn’t matter and you could have any job in the world, what would be your dream job?


If money didn’t matter (and neither did IQ) I would love to be a neurosurgeon in a third world country, providing kids the health care they deserve. 

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